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Who is Avinatan Orr, the Nvidia engineer captured by Hamas?"


"We are proud to see such broad support from Nvidia families in Israel and around the world, and we are grateful for their prayers and hope for the return of our colleague Avinatan or and other hostages from Hamas families,"said Gideon Rosenberg, director of the American chipmaker Nvidia, commenting on the largest donation made by his company to Israel, which amounted to 15 million dollars.

But who is the engineer Avinatan or who works at Nvidia in Israel and whom Rosenberg mentioned in his comment

In the grip of resistance

The name of Avinatan or (30 years old) appeared for the first time in a video shared on social media showing the moment he and his girlfriend Noa argamani were captured by Gazans who entered the cover area after the launch of the Al-Aqsa flood operation by the Islamic resistance movement "Hamas" on October 7 last.

The video clip appeared on Telegram of the moment when his girlfriend Noa argamani was taken away on a bicycle after being captured with her boyfriend or. Or is an engineer living in Tel Aviv, where he and argamani were planning to move in together.

According to his profile on the LinkedIn website, ORR works as a "design for testing" engineer, or as he is known by the abbreviation "DfT" (DFT), which is an important field in the manufacture of electronic chips concerned with designing the structure of Integrated Circuits or what is known as"IC" to make it testable, as this process facilitates the development of manufacturing tests And applied to the designed devices.

The purpose of manufacturing tests is to verify that the product devices do not have manufacturing defects that could adversely affect the correct performance of the product.

Or has been working for the American company in its branch in Israel since April 2022, and is a graduate of Ben-Gurion University.

"Nvidia".. American-born Israeli fancy

The American graphics board design and chip manufacturing company Nvidia is one of the largest companies supporting Israel and the Israeli economy, as its research and development activities in Israel are currently the largest for the company outside the United States, according to a report by the Australian government news website.

Nvidia, with a market capitalization of USD 571 billion on Nasdaq, has replaced rival Intel, with a market capitalization of USD 196 billion, as the largest US chipmaker and the second largest in the world after Taiwan's TSMC (TSMC).

Nvidia's growing operations are expanding in Israel, employing about 2,800 workers in seven R & D centers located in the settlement of Yokneam, the melanox headquarters, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ra'anana and Beersheba in the South.

In 2020, the American company acquired the Israeli company melanox-a local company specializing in the development and production of components designed to accelerate data transfer between servers and data storage systems for cloud computing and data centers - for USD 7 billion, considered the largest investment in an Israeli company.

In 2021, Nvidia established an additional Center in Israel for the development of central processing units for a range of technological applications, including artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and robotics.

The new CPU group will join a variety of teams currently active in Israel, working on high-speed networking and high-performance computing technologies, data processing unit development, artificial intelligence research, and other activities.

Nvidia has also been working with the Israeli company excelro since its foundation in 2014 and until its recent acquisition, providing its own block storage software for the company's core networks.

The American company-founded in 1993 by Jensen Huang, Chris malakovsky and Curtis prim as a company specializing in the manufacture of graphics chips - has many other investments in Israel, including startups fortelix, fast data and Wiki IO, according to the "Finder Start-Up"website.

The "Israel 1ai"project

The Nvidia company, where or Works, recently announced the completion of the first phase of its supercomputer "Israel 1ai" (Israel-1 AI) and making it available for use by the company's research and development teams and "selected partners", and the supercomputer is located in Nvidia's Israel data center, according to a report on the " data center Dynamics".

The supercomputer offers 8 exaflops of the highest artificial intelligence performance and 130 petaflops of high performance computing.

The system, once completed, contains 256 systems smaller than Nvidia HGX H100 processors (Nvidia HGX H100), combines 2,048 graphics processing units, with more than 34 million CUDA cores (CUDA) (short for the phrase unified device architecture Compute Unified Device Architecture, an architecture for Parallel Computing developed by Nvidia), One million fourth-generation Tensor Core, 2,560 DPU Bluefield 3 units (DPU BlueField-3), and 80 spectrum 4-type converters (Spectrum-4).

Gilad Shiner, senior vice president at Nvidia, said that Nvidia has worked with 800 startups in Israel and tens of thousands of software engineers.

The company completed the first phase of this project last November, two months earlier than expected, which provides half of the computing power of the entire system (four exaflops for artificial intelligence and 65 petaflops for standard high-performance computing).

"Israel is home to world-leading AI researchers and developers who are creating applications for the next wave of artificial intelligence,"said Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang.

With the Nvidia supercomputer, a wide range of companies in Israel will create artificial intelligence that can transform the productivity and business models of enterprises around the world.

It is planned that the company will finish the second phase of the supercomputer in the first half of 2024, unless the current war in Gaza affects this plan, and it is not known once the second phase is completed, will or then be with his fellow engineers at Nvidia, or is he still a prisoner in Gaza, or will he not witness this moment in his life.

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