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VIDEO: Zionist Israeli army shoots a Palestinian reporter during coverage in Jerusalem

AlMayadeen TV's reporter Hana Al Mahameed during her coverage 

Israeli occupation army shot a Palestinian female reporter during her news coverage in Jerusalem.

Israeli have been targeting TV reporters to avoid them from covering the humiliation and assaulting on Palestinians during their entrance and leaving to and from Jerusalem and in West bank as well .. mostly in Hebron (Al Khaleel)

The video below shows how the Palestinian reporter Hana Al Mahameed was shot intentionally by the Israeli occupation forces during her coverage.

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g92-nAipu0

    a total waste of time

  2. Clearly It was the bloke in front of her

  3. She was standing behind the guy with the weapon and the weapon was pointed away from here. Looked more like either a misfire, where the gun blew back or the exit from the back of some sort of RPG.

  4. It was clearly a camera wat he was holding.

  5. It was clearly a camera wat he was holding.

  6. The guy should have known someone was behind him. Or he should have checked. I think he intentionally did it.

  7. Just to dispell that 'it was the guy next to her' claim, there is a good 2 second interlude between hearing the weapon firing and her being hit. About the time it would have taken for a projectile to reach her from the top of that cliff. Note her large 'Press' Jacket, camera's and microphones. This was without a doubt and attack on a journalist in deliberation.
    Any country attacking journalists, you can assume the worst about because they have the most to hide.

  8. Nope, Palestine reporters are showing lies all the time, its good they have it

  9. This was no lie or propoganda from Palestine. It was some kind of explosive round or flash bang that hit her. It can be fired from assault rifles or lauched by a short tube like a grenade. It can kill people if they are too close in proximity to the explosion. It will stun people as well and peirce their ears. This is most likely what happened as I've watched the video 10 times. It was some sort of explosive grenade shell or a small explosive round.

  10. Replies
    1. Burned face...she was on later with the left hand side of her face bandaged

  11. She was hit by stun grenade....the guy in front has a video camera

  12. Exposed personnel experience disorientation, confusion and loss of coordination and balance. While these effects are all intended to be temporary, there is risk of permanent injury or even death. Consequently, the M84 is classified as a Less-lethal weapon.[2][3]

  13. Stands too close to rocket/grenade launcher and the blowback goes off near her ear...Ohhhh the humanity...

    1. can't tell the difference between an rpg and a camera.. oh the humanity.


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