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Major Swiss Store Chain boycott Israeli goods

The second largest Store chain in Switzerland started boycotting the Israeli goods, where it placed tags on vegetables with words like "boycott Israel " which angered the Israeli embassy in Bern.

This incident swept the Israeli media , The political correspondent for the Israeli newspaper "Yediot Ahronot" Itamar Aikhnr said that the Store chain "CO-OP" in Switzerland which sells potatoes, placed a sticker stating "Yes to boycott Israel" without reference to being a commodity produced in the settlements of Israel, or of the inside the green line in Israel. The correspondent continued “And that this step comes despite the fact that the Swiss have always maintained neutrality in the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, but this time they took a hostile move towards Israel, which is against the decision of the European Union labeling of Israeli settlement products.

The correspondent of Yediot Ahronot also reported from Nina Garralden – a Jewish who lives in Switzerland, saying that the move is not just anti-Zionist but rather racist, and would increase the Swiss-Jewish hostility.
For its part, The Israeli embassy in Switzerland in its part announced the intention to address the Swiss stores chain to seek clarification from them and in ask them to remove the anti-Israeli posters.
The newspaper “Yediot Ahronot” pointed out that this “Switzerland stores chain” step revives another step carried out by local stores chain in Ireland which carried the same action in order to boycott dates imported from Israel.
Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nachshon said that this step is an expression of continuing to what he described as "haters of Israel" asking their audience to boycott everything that is produced in Israel, but they "fail" to mention computers and mobile phones, medical devices and life-saving medicines.

Global Boycott
The Israeli writer in "News One" Yossi Halevi, said that the global boycott of Israel movement reached among Jews in the United States , which is a strange surprise among the American Jewish community that some of them to join the list of haters of Israel, such as the Organization of J Street and organization "Jews for peace“ which are considered the most supportive of the boycott movement..

He added that these Jewish organizations active dramatically among young American Jews, who do not know much about the Jewish - Arab conflict in the Middle East, which is a small generation undergoing brainwashing, and is subject to the process of demonization against Israel, while others have been describing the movement of Hamas liberalism as a legitimate organization working honestly against the Israeli occupation.

Sources: Aljazeera
Yediot Ahronot
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  1. More and more people are learning more and more about the racist murdering zionist scum who control Occupied Palestine.
    That is why the world is increasingly turning its back on the zionists and boycotting, disinvesting and sanctioning them.
    Don't worry Mr Nachshon, I am boycotting Hewlett Packard and have been involved in boycotting Veolia and G4S too. That is why they will all end up leaving your vile regime. I never accept Yeva pharmaceutical products and my IT equipment uses non-Intel chips to power them. Eventually the boycott, disinvestment and sanctioning of your vile zionist regime will be complete and your banana boat of a claimed country will go the same way as the former apartheid South Africa.

    1. Thank you dear Roger. Please join our facebook page to tell people about your efforts and to help bring awareness about the conflict too.

  2. For me it does not matter if products are from west bank or from Israel. Boycott all Apartheid goods! The only argument left for the Zionists are the "racist card". What a Joke! :-D

  3. Anti-zionism does not equate to anti-semitism. Boycott anything that might have come from such an oppressive regimen as 'israel'.

  4. Zionism is Antisemitism. Zionists have always worked with Antisemites. Both want Jews forced out of their own countries and pushed in to Israel. That is why Zionists paid Hitler to oppress Jews.


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