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Why many people are migrating from Facebook to VK?

First let’s ask, What is VK ?

If you do a bit of Google search about VK, you might get lucky to see couple of Videos or sites that actually introduces you to VK like it does with Facebook. Google intentionally is covering VK from their search results due to a US Government pressure.

So What is VK? :

VK in short is a social media networking site. Like most social media networks you can add friends, gain followers, and post photos of your food and your cat. VK, like Facebook also gives companies the ability to create their own pages for marketing purposes.

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What is the difference?

The standout difference is that VK is geared toward Eastern European users, particularly Russian. In fact, it’s the most popular social media platform in Russia by far. It boasts over 70 million active daily users and 3 billion daily page views.

It should be no surprise, VK is a Russian company. Mail.ru, a Russian Internet titan, owns the social media site.

As a Russian company, it adheres to Russian laws. This is important to note because of the laws surrounding copyright and IP in the country (or lack thereof). A lack of IP constraints enables VK to draw far more than simple inspiration from the best in the business. You’ll find a Facebook-style interface, Foursquare-like check-ins, and even a Pirate Bay type of file-sharing service.

What motivates users to move to VK from Facebook and why?

In 2014, Facebook signed a two year deal with Mastercard that gives the company access to users' information. The company would track users' posts and see how certain ad campaigns affected a user's mood. But Mastercard took it one step further by then selling user information to other companies, which is a major source to the spam emails and phone calls that are now a normal part of our lives.

If Facebook is able to sell a user's personal information, the next question may be about the extent of data Facebook has on a user. It turns out, every time a user is using Facebook, the website collects the user's browser and Internet history without consent. To make matters scarier, an investigation by data consultant Nik Cubrilovic found that Facebook uncovers users' private activity even after they logout of the site. What Facebook does with this information is unknown, but considering the ludicrously high number of deals they have made with companies to sell users' personal information, many speculate browser history is among data sold.

So Facebook stores your private activity, and then sells it to other companies. It can't get any worse right? Wrong. Not only are big corporations accessing your private information, some of the most dangerous hackers in the world are using user data as well.

A 2014 investigation by the Next Web found up to 137 million duplicate accounts on Facebook. These duplicate accounts post casual status updates, posing as regular people until other 'friends' open links posted by these duplicate accounts. The second the link is opened, all your personal information is swiped and sold to umbrella companies to use your identities and financial information. That means that someone posing to be your friend on Facebook could simply share what seems to be an innocent video, and in a matter of minutes, your identity and financial data is distributed across the Internet.

Freedom of Speech:

Facebook blocking users, banning them for days or deleting their accounts is something very usual now and almost 50% of Facebook users have gone through this experience at least once for saying something that facebook didn’t like or didn’t see go well with their “Community Standards”.

However, Facebook doesn’t really draw the clear line of trespassing their community standards and sometimes for an option based comment a user would get banned for 30 days.

In an article by Facebook article, Facebook Vice President of Policy addresses the Free Expression question in many series speaking about how hard it is to draw that line.

So in order for you to know where can you speak up your mind, you will never get an answer because Facebook itself doesn’t know where is the freedom of expression starts and stop?

Complaints from users have been spreading on the Help Community facebook page wondering about why comments causes users to have been banned, blocked, or comments removed ?

VK’s handling of Freedom of Speech:

VK handles freedom of speech differently, it allows users to speak up their mind and say whatever they want but it keeps them monitored.

For that reason organized rightwing extremism is increasingly migrating to the to VK.com. The multilingual social network has become the new home of far-right groups banned from Facebook, which are now linking up with other rightwing movements from other countries.

VK.com was founded in October 2006 by the brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov as VKontakte and looks like a Facebook clone. It has over 400 million Russian-language users, making it Russia’s most popular website and the fifth largest website worldwide. Close to 70 per cent of its visitors are from the Russian speaking space, however the network has also established itself in Germany, albeit on a far smaller scale. Around two per cent of visitors are from Germany, equating to around 14 million visits a year.

Anti Islam and Muslims


On VKontakte, German Nazis, anti-Semites and racists can deny the Holocaust, mock victims of the Shoah and insult non-white people and Jews – all for a German public. While the social network does have conditions of use that forbid racist content, for example, it is extremely rare for posts to be deleted. In Germany, the political use of the swastika is forbidden, however on VK.com Nazis can use this and other symbols without fear of censorship. What is more, all this is publicly visible: unlike Facebook, most VK webpages are directly accessible without having to register and log in.

Anti Black


What was once the largest far-right Facebook page on the German-language web, Anonymous.Kollektiv, migrated to the Russian web in spring 2016. The page had over two million followers. By way of comparison, Germany’s two largest parties, the CDU and SPD, have just 300,000 followers between them. Alongside all manner of conspiracy theories and Russian propaganda, the Anonymous.Kollektiv page primarily contained incitements to racial hatred towards refugees. Refugees were described as a ‘sex-hungry, paedophile horde’ or ‘human trash’, for example. Videos were linked to that trivialized the Holocaust.

The site’s operator was probably Mario Rönsch. Though relatively little is known about him, Rönsch is known to come from Erfurt in Thuringia and is thought to have been an AfD member until around 2014. He has multiple previous convictions – including for fraud and delay in filing for insolvency. In the past, he liked to be seen alongside Jürgen Elsässer, a figurehead of the new Right scene and editor-in-chief of Compact magazine. The latter’s writing was also promoted on the Anonymous.Kollektiv website. When, after numerous complaints, Anonymous.Kollektiv’s Facebook page was blocked in May 2016, the page switched to VK.com.

The content on the new page mainly comes from the website anonymousnews.ru, which evidently belongs to Rönsch too. Until the beginning of 2017, he also ran Migrantenschreck.ru, an online weapons shop. Among other things on offer was the MS55 handgun, whose ‘muzzle energy’ could fell any ‘asylum supporter’. The German security forces had difficulty closing the shop down because its data was stored on a Russian server and the weapons were distributed from Hungary, where they are not forbidden. It was only when the German authorities directly pursued Rönsch’s German customers that he shut up shop.

Rönsch has meanwhile gone underground. Although his VK page has ‘only’ 50,000 followers, it continues to play an important role for the far-right and rightwing populist community on VK.com. In addition to Anonymous.Kollektiv and Compact, VK.com also plays host to the ‘identitärian movement’, the AfD, the rightwing publisher Kopp, the portal ‘PI-news’ (‘Politically Incorrect News’), Pegida and its founder Lutz Bachmann, as well as numerous far-right brotherhoods and pro-Hitler groups.

Anti Jews



German users posting nude pictures of young underage girls online with their bikinis and sometimes totally nude is something that’s common among the German user’s profiles which we have seen in the right-wing groups.



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