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Jehovah's Witnesses: The rule of the land for the Jews
founder:  Charles Russell

Jehovah's Witnesses is a religious group that places itself among Judaism and Christianity, supports the Zionist movement and preaches the Jewish rule of the land . It claims that it has more than eight million members and is deployed in different parts of the world. It takes humanitarian action as a cover for its activities and to attract new members and "servants."
Jehovah's Witnesses is a group described by researchers as a Christian-clad Zionist, founded in the United States in 1874 by Charles Russell, so it was known in its beginnings as "relays." It was also known as the group of new scholars of the Gospel.

The last name is Jehovah's Witnesses, referring to Jehovah, the God of Israel, according to the Old Testament in Exodus.

When Nathan Homer Knorr became president of the organization in 1905, Jehovah's Witnesses became one of the most powerful organizations.

The group, headquartered in Brooklyn, New York , claims the symbol of the Seven-Candlestick, which is an Israeli national symbol.

Thought and ideology
The Jehovah's Witnesses affirm that they believe in God, in the Bible, which they believe is a message to mankind , and that Jesus is the Son of God and the Head of the Kingdom of God.
On its online website Jehovah is "The God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus," and the Bible is, "A message to men inspired by God," and they establish their beliefs "on all his 66 travels, including the Old and New Testaments."

While this group accepts all that is written in the Bible, it does not adhere to its literalism by stating that "we recognize that parts of it are written in symbolic language."

The interpretation of the followers' beliefs about Trinitarianism contradicts that, although they see Christ as the Savior and "Son of God," they say they differ from other Christian denominations because they do not believe in Trinitarianism and see it as "not based on the Scriptures."

Jehovah's Witnesses also believe that the "Kingdom of God" will rule the land and overthrow all governments . The true government in heaven will replace human governments. "This will happen soon," according to Bible prophecy.

In this way, they exploit the minds and hearts to prepare for the acceptance of the great Jewish state, and affirm that whoever will establish that state is the Lord Christ who will liberate - according to their belief - all the governments of the earth; Therefore, they believe that the ruling will be in the structure of Solomon, which must be built in order for the Jews to rule the world.

The Jehovah's Witnesses have long helped and supported the World Zionist Movement. Their main publication in 1879 was "Zion's watch tower." The word "Zion" was later deleted from the title, in order to conceal the truth of their intentions.

Critics see them as being very fragmented with the Bible, choosing only passages that support their views and are popular with them, especially from Christian denominations.

They do not believe in the reckoning on the Day of Resurrection. They believe that human brotherhood is limited to them, and they oppose religions except Judaism, contrary to what they say in their literature. Researchers confirm that all their superiors are Jews.

They also stress that they do not believe in the cross, although it is a pillar of the Christian faith that believes that Christ saved Christians from their sins after "the Lord gave his Son a redemption for the sins of the people."

On the question of salvation, the group says on its website, "We can not win our salvation by our personal effort, but we receive it thanks to God and His grace."


Jehovah's Witnesses claim that the number of its members exceeds eight million, and they are distributed throughout the world in more than 200 countries.

Jehovah's Witnesses have an annual forum that usually lasts three days, attended by thousands of members and sympathizers . In 2017, the annual forum held the slogan "Do not give up". The organization is keen to show its public strength as the annual forum is often held in stadiums to accommodate thousands of attendees.

Members hold two "worship" meetings each week, during which they study passages from the Bible as well as public debates, and attract members to attend those meetings free of charge.

Like Masonic organizations, the Jehovah's Witnesses rely on humanitarian relief to polish their image and attract members and servants within Arab and Islamic countries. They also have schools, newspapers and publishing houses of their own, and issue thousands of free books and publications.

In order to achieve its objectives, it has close cooperation with organizations that work in favor of world Zionism publicly and covertly.

According to the World Youth Forum, the membership of Jehovah's Witnesses is divided into three sections:

1- The heavenly hope: the supreme administration headed by the great slave.
2 - Ground please (or Gilead row): It includes leading members and collaborators.
3. Missionaries: They call the servants, and they are responsible for distributing the Jehovah's Witnesses' publications.

Germany and Russia

In 2005, the Berlin Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization gave the status and rights of the religious community officially recognized by the German state.

According to this ruling, the Jehovah's Witnesses - a recognized religious sect subject to the law of the common right - received a series of legal rights, such as the collection of taxes by the state for the benefit of the community, the granting of extensive tax benefits and exemptions, the financing of the German public treasury to establish its own places of worship, .

This ruling did not appeal to the German Protestant Church, which strongly criticized the admission of Jehovah's Witnesses as an official religious community in Berlin and considered the accusations against the organization of exerting pressure and threats on members wishing to secede from them as real accusations which was not taken seriously by the Court judges.

On the other hand, the Russian Supreme Court rejected the summer of 2017 appeal by the "Jehovah's Witnesses" to stop the ban imposed in Russia, after being considered "extremist".

At the end of April 2017, the Supreme Court banned the group's activity in Russia at the request of the Ministry of Justice, which considered the movement to have "signs of extremist activity."

The ban led to the suspension of 395 local groups of Jehovah's Witnesses on Russian territory and the confiscation of their property. The group says Russia has 175,000 members.
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