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The Muslim, The Arab and The Iranian .. and how Zionist Jews in Hollywood are creating new enemy to the West

ملصق لفيلم "الدكتاتور" الذي أنتجته هوليود (وكالات)

Poster of "The Dictator" produced by Hollywood (Agencies)

After the collapse of the Soviet Union , American cinema, through Hollywood productions, sought to build a new enemy image to replace the old Communist "villain" and found its victim in the Arab or Iranian Muslim, who was most of the time a full-fledged terrorist and managed to escape this caricature only in some movies.

In an article published on the French site "Orian 21" researcher Jack Chahine of the University of Southern Illinois, study the "Arab-Land Myths" through a documentary and a book entitled "The real evil Arabs .. How Hollywood is poisoning people?", Native Americans were the race that were mostly abused, they were probably abused more than Arabs on the American screen.

Jack has also concluded that American cinema has presented the Arab Muslim or Iranian as an abbreviation of the villain. In about 300 films containing Muslim characters (Arab or Iranian) he studied, Muslim Characters has been presented as the number one enemy, carrying out brutal behaviors and rejecting the Western civilization which it intends to destroy through horror.

The French independent website adds that the Arabs is presented in historical films that he lives in the deserts with his harem where women perform oriental dances, while the leader always has a large paunch, often surrounded by a traitor minister.

The image of the Arab is represented as that he is a senior bandit like the native Americans in the American West, attacking caravans, living in an oasis and always looking for a white woman as in the movie "The Jewel of the Nile" (1985) or in the film "Never Say Never Again "(1983), where actress Kim Basinger auctioned to Arab rapists.

Deep shock
The 1973 crisis and the sharp rise in oil prices caused a deep shock in American society. In the film "Network," the image of the new Gulf prince appears to be the rich, the ugly and the greedy who buys all of America .

According to writer Pierre Konisa, the September 11, 2001, attacks in New York and Washington are similar to the attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor on the US Navy on December 7, 1941. The Muslim was clearly ranked first in the ranking of the bad guys.

The Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee, which considered this representation shameful and humiliating, noted that "every time an Arab does “Wudoo” or “Washing” ‘before praying, the scene foreshadows the violence."

In the film "Total All Fears" 2012, adapted from Tom Clancy's novel, a terrorist attack by Muslim Arabs is seen during Super Bowl, the final of the American Football League.


Study: US filmmaker presented the Muslim character as the number one enemy (Reuters)

Hot spices

The Arab-Iranian-terrorist is one of the sweetest spice to the bland scenarios.. As in the "Return to the Future" movie, a terrorist shoots a scientist without knowing too well what the story is about.

In the film Rules of Engagement (2000), Colonel Terry Childers orders the evacuation of the US embassy in Yemen, which was facing an uncontrollable armed crowd, The colonel gives the orders to open fire and kill a single-legged girl.

Before the military court, after being abandoned by all, Colonel Hodges, who works to prove that there was a case of self-defense, defended colonel Terry Childers. Even the one-legged girl at the age of 10 was portrayed as a terrorist shooting at the US soldiers.

In the movie "The Kingdom" (2007), which refers to the terrorist attack on Camp Khobar in 1996, the film follows an investigation by an FBI agent about the bombing that killed 19 US soldiers.clip_image002

" CONESA: Pure propaganda films have become rarer, but the "Arab-Muslim" sample remains a vast and abundant resource for scriptwriters to design scores of films and other television series for a decade before the field is depleted"

The hundredth episode
The scenario hints at Hezbollah's responsibility to avoid al-Qaeda's accusation, although former US Secretary of Defense William Perry admitted in an interview in 2007 to the contrary. "I now believe that al Qaeda, not Iran, is responsible for the 1996 attack on the US base ", But this was not the case for Hollywood scenario writers.

At the end of the 100th episode of Season 7 of Homeland, the viewer has toured the Middle East: Iraq and Afghanistan , Lebanon and Gaza , Yemen, Iran and finally Syria , not to mention the "pinch" of Venezuela . and from Russia .

In the Homeland series, a Hezbollah camp is full of Syrian refugees who came from the Sunni neighborhood of Raqqa . A Sunni Syrian is seen fleeing the bombs of Bashar al-Assad's regime, and he resorts to an area controlled by the Shiite Hezbollah led by Sheikh Sunni, which is far from reality.

In these films and series, terrorist organizations cooperate with each other regardless of their differences. Al-Qaida, Hezbollah, the Taliban, Pakistani intelligence and the Islamic State Organization are well aligned in Beirut, the city ​​of militias and veiled women.

According to Conesa, who is the author of "Hollywood, a Comprehensive Propaganda Weapon," pure propaganda films have become rarer, but the "Arab-Muslim" sample remains a vast and abundant resource for scriptwriters to design dozens of films and other television series for a decade. Time before this field is depleted.

Source: French Press

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