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How Israel utilizes International events to kill more Palestinian Children

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In one of our longest conducted researches we are writing about the aggression of the terrorist state of #Israel trying to clarify how Israel used every International event's media coverage as a chance to kill, torture and detain as much Palestinians as possible and with regret it have succeeded since it this state was created.
You might haven't heard from main stream media or news that whenever there's an international event occurs #Israel takes the chances since the main stream media is busy and raids on Palestinians in #Westbank and #Gaza to make their lives like hell...
Below we are going to highlight the famous incidents that took place only in the last 20 years and how Israel used it's power and lobby to cover the media according to what it makes killing of Citizens, detaining children and stealing land looks "Civilized" to the entire world.
in 2000 — The world celebrated the turn of the millennium "Sharon visited al Aqsa and the outbreak of the second Intifada "
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#Israel's best known murderer Sharon who massacred thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese women and children in Lebanon in the 1980's decided to go to Al Aqsa Masjid "Dome of the rock" with protection of 3000 soldiers to defile the place while worshippers are inside ... This in return has caused in the outbreak of a second Intifada "Revolution" in all of Palestine "Inside West bank, Gaza and the 1948 lands which lead to 7 deaths and hundreds of injured after Israeli forces used brutality against worshippers"

In early 2001, Barak resigned following the outbreak of the al-Aqsa Intifada. However, the government was not brought down, and only elections for prime minister were necessary. In the election itself, Ariel Sharon comfortably beat Barak, taking 62.4% of the vote. However, because Likud only had 21 seats in the Knesset, Sharon had to form a national unity government. Following Sharon's victory, it was decided to do away with separate elections for prime minister and return to the previous system.

in 2002 was the Winter Olympics "Israel committed Jenin Massacre"
#Israel since Sep/11 incidents were blamed on Muslims #Israel took the chance and invaded Jenin Refugee camp in 2002 after the visit of Sharon to Al Aqsa which lead to the outbreak of "Intifada" or revolution against the occupation forces. The Massacre of Jenin took place in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank in April 1–11, 2002. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) entered the camp, and other areas under the administration of the Palestinian Authority, during the Second Intifada, as part of Operation Defensive Shield.

In this attack Israel have used human shields, it have destroyed hundreds of houses of citizens on the inhabitants who were inside their houses and refused to leave after Israeli soldiers couldn't fight inside the small avenues and streets of the camp.

#Israel has reported that it killed 50 Palestinians while Humanitarian organizations mentioned the death of over 500 citizens whom their bodies remained under the ruins of their homes and others were lying on the ground.
The Palestinians called it the Jenin massacre. The Portuguese writer Jose Saramago had compared it to Auschwitz. Sam had been to Auschwitz twice.

#Russell Banks "President of the International Parliament of Writers and former New York State Author," who visited the camp during the Israeli aggression there said ...

The hours I spent in Palestine until now is etched in my memory scenes that I will never forget .. When I passed the barrier I felt that the door closed behind me and I am in prison. All members of the delegation are sure that they will be charged with (anti-Semitism), particularly in the United States. But that does not frighten us. We must reject this kind of (cultural terrorism), which claims that criticism of Israeli crimes against the Palestinians is a kind of anti-Semitism ».

#Juan Goitsulo "Writer" said
« How can the right of self-defense be explained as terrorism, and terrorism as self-defense!! I can enumerate countries engaged in terrorism, and Israel is one of these countries. You must get out of ourselves clichés, and not to equate the killer and victim, between the occupying power and the people who suffer under occupation and resist. We, the non-elected representatives of our people must faithfully convey what you see our eyes, and feel ».


#Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Editorial writer for Pravda, based in Washington D.C. [Voltaire Network] who visited the camp 15 April 2002 said:
"Horrific scenes are visible in Jenin, where the Israeli Armed Forces have left hundreds of Palestinian bodies to lie around rotting in the streets. "Non-Governmental Organizations raised the alert on Thursday and the Israeli government has admitted that there are between 200 and 300 Palestinian bodies waiting to be buried. Palestinian sources quote the figure as being higher, at around 500."

#David Pilditch In The Palestinian Refugee Camp Of Jenin, April 17 2002
"It was like the aftermath of some huge earthquake. Steep alleyways filled with rubble, not one single home left intact and the corrosive, suffocating smell of rotting corpses but this was no natural catastrophe. This was a grim, man-made scene of absolute destruction in the Jenin refugee camp yesterday, a grotesque theatre of hatred and savage epicentre of Israel's Operation Defensive Wall campaign.

"Palestinian cabinet minister Nabil Shaath claimed close to 500 residents had been massacred by Israeli troops."

in 2004 the Re-election of George W Bush..."Beginning of Apartheid wall construction"

#Israel started building the Apartheid wall in West Bank, The apartheid wall is demonstrated as a "security and separation barrier" under construction by the State of Israel along and within the West Bank. Upon completion, the barrier's total length will be approximately 700 kilometers (430 mi)

Now this wall have resulted in separation between families and made the daily life of Palestinian citizens so hard with the presence of Israeli checkpoints... a Palestinian friend of mine said that a normal day to get to work before the apartheid wall would take half an hour. now it takes 4 hours one way since we'll have to walk long distances and go through checkpoints...

In 2006 FIFA World Cup
In 2005 and due to the Palestinian election of Hamas as a government and Congress Israel decided to conduct a blockade on Gaza Strip and on West bank as well and EU + USA refused to recognize the publicly elected Palestinian government.
#Israel in 2006 launched an Operation "Summer Rains" in the Gaza Strip that began on 28 June 2006, in response to the Palestinian militants abduction of Corporal Gilad Shalit and killed more than 200 Palestinians majority of them were citizens.. It became the first major mobilization into the Gaza Strip since Israel's unilateral disengagement plan was implemented between August and September 2005.

The Gaza beach blast was an event on 9 June 2006 in which eight Palestinians were killed – including nearly the entire family of seven-year-old Huda Ghaliya –

in 2008 "Election of Barack Obama" "Israel attacked Gaza killing 1417 Palestinians where most of them were women and children"
#Israel took the chance of Media covering the election in the #US and started one of the deadliest most savage aggression against Gazzan citizens which lasted for 22 days.

The attack resulted in between 1,417 Palestinian and 13 Israeli deaths (4 from friendly fire). In September 2009, a UN special mission, headed by the South African Justice Richard Goldstone, produced a report accusing both Palestinian militants and the IDF of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity, and recommended bringing those responsible to justice. In January 2010, the Israeli government released a response criticizing the Goldstone Report and disputing its findings. In 2011, Goldstone wrote that he no longer believed that Israel intentionally targeted civilians in Gaza.

in 2010 FIFA World Cup "Israel attacked the Flotilla ship in the International sea"

#Israel attacked the Peaceful ship that came from #Turkey to break the siege on Gaza that was conducted by #Israel since 2005 until now. the Israeli forces came by sea and air, shattering the peace of a Mediterranean night. Shortly after 4.30am yesterday, in international waters, the elite Flotilla 13 unit of the Israeli navy stormed the Mavi Marmara, the flagship of a flotilla crewed by an alliance of pro-Palestinian activists who had combined to deliver 10,000 tonnes of aid to Gaza.

In a blitz of military strength, masked commandos rappelled on to the Turkish ship's deck from a helicopter and boarded from the side by fast attack launch. They were armed with guns, stun grenades and tear gas. Assault craft drenched their target in dazzling light and used booming tannoys to warn the ship's passengers to halt their mission or face Israel taking "all the necessary measures in order to enforce this blockade".
The activists from as many as 50 different countries stood little chance in the face of such a show of strength. But if Israel had been hoping to benefit from the cover of darkness by attacking at night, they did not reckon on the presence of a network of on-board video cameras recording their opening moves.
The incident ended with the deaths of at least nine people and the injury of at least 50
In 2012 Obama re-election "Israel attacked Gaza in an Operation called Returning Echo"
#Israel On March 9 2012, carried out a targeted air strike in the Gaza Strip killing Zohair al-Qaisi, the secretary general of the Popular Resistance Committees
In defense the Palestinian resistance has launched rocket attacks on Israel...
The Israeli attack lead to the death of 72, 520 civilians wounded; 4 children killed in Israeli strike; Tel-Aviv bound rocket shot down...
In 2014 FIFA world cup Brazil "Israel claims there are 3 kidnapped Jewish settlers in West bank and raids on Citizens while Bombing Gaza".
In a new series of aggression against Palestinians #Israel intended to destroy the Palestinian will of Unity and raided on citizens houses while "Mahmoud Abbas" was trying to maintain the Palestinian peoples anger and said that he will not allow resistance and he publicly said that he's against it.
At least 7 Palestinians have been killed most of them are teenagers and approximately 37 were detained in an Israeli army raid on more than 1300 houses in west bank.
The aggression still continues without proper coverage from majority of western mainstream media while people still tend to watch the 2014 FIFA cup thinking that the world won't change and they won't be the next victims if they don't share the pain.
If you're interested, you can also look up the policy of children detention that was conducted by Israel last few years. Israel has been detaining children on nightly raids claiming they were throwing stones at them and at Jewish settlers in the Illegal settlements inside the westbank.
International Events
Al Aqsa 2000
Jenin Massacare
Jose Saramago's quote
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Stories told by witnesses
Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey
David Plitch
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2006 World Cup and Execution of Saddam Hussein
Summer Rains
Deaths of Summer rains operation in Gaza
2008 attack
2010 Flotilla attack
2012 attack in Gaza
2014 Fifa cup

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