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Israeli journalist and writer: According to the laws of physics, it is impossible to fire rockets from Palestinian buildings


"One of the lies that has become an accepted fact here - and which disgusts me in particular - is the claim that Hamas is shooting from civilian buildings," said Israeli writer and photographer Yossi Gorbitz.


He added - through his Twitter account - that anyone who studied the laws of physics can realize that it is impossible to launch a missile from the building (from which it is launched) without destroying the missile and killing its launchers and other people in that building, and the same applies in the event of firing from the roofs of buildings. . In fact, the shooting was carried out from open areas and from trenches, he said.


Israeli tweets commented on Gorbetz’s tweet, and some attacked him, saying that he adopted the Hamas movement’s narrative and defended it, while others said that “despite all the blood that we caused, Hamas’s firepower has not decreased.” ), But he is sometimes keen on public relations purposes.


One of the tweeters - Aidan Landau - commented on a link from his blog, on which he publishes various comments, writing that there is no evidence for Israel's claims that its army is killing innocent people, just because Hamas firing squads are hiding in civilian homes and firing from them.


Landau - who is a professor of linguistics at Ben-Gurion University - added that the Israeli army’s rhetoric is ambiguous in this regard, for example saying that the building is "used by Hamas," but without clarifying whether it is used to print leaflets, for example, or to eat food, and added that the Israeli targets bank includes places Like the evacuation tower, which includes various media offices, and in return, the Israeli army usually rents its own offices alongside accountants, lawyers, and business companies in the heart of Tel Aviv and its main streets. “Does this make them legitimate targets for Hamas rockets? According to the logic of the Israeli army, the answer is yes,” he says. Writer.

And he continues, "Israel bombed the production bank in Gaza, claiming that it is being used by Hamas," and added, "Is there a bank in Israel that does not maintain relations with the Israeli army?" ".

The academic added that the Israeli army targets the homes of Hamas and Jihad activists as legitimate targets, and claims that they are "the organization's operational infrastructure," but that international humanitarian law does not accept this.

In addition, no Israeli official has claimed that there is a connection between the home of the attacker and any military activity that is being carried out. The army bombed a family’s home in Beit Hanoun on May 13, in which a pregnant mother and 4 children were killed, and families and children were killed in Shati Camp without clarifying any relationship between my operational activity and the civilian homes, and without the residents of the targeted homes receiving any prior warning.

Videos of the rocket fire from Gaza showed that the launch was carried out from open locations far from civilian homes.

Human Rights Watch documented the killing of Palestinian civilians who were "raising white flags" in the 2014 war in the Gaza Strip, confirming that these civilians were not human shields for Hamas fighters and were not killed in an exchange of fire. To Amnesty International, Israeli allegations that Palestinian factions have targeted civilian schools or buildings to launch rockets and mortars have no evidence to support them.

Bombing civilian towers and banks

The Israeli fighter jets bombed the headquarters of the Palestinian "production" bank on Friday, next to the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in its complete destruction.

The head of the government media office in Gaza, Salameh Maarouf, said that the initial estimates of losses as a result of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip amounted to 73 million dollars.

Maarouf indicated - during a press conference - that there were direct losses of $ 15 million in economic and commercial facilities as a result of the bombing, including the bombing of 3 local banks' headquarters.


Maarouf stated that the Israeli occupation army bombed 60 government headquarters, which varied between police and security headquarters and service facilities. In addition, more than 500 housing units were completely destroyed.


The occupation aircraft targeted the Al-Galaa Tower, which includes the headquarters of the Al-Jazeera network in Gaza, with a series of raids that led to its complete collapse. The office also includes various media outlets, including the American Associated Press, and an Israeli intelligence officer refused to allow the employees in the tower to return to take out some of their belongings. And media work tools, as the officer gave them a few minutes in a phone call. The tower - one of the oldest in the sector - contained 60 apartments, in which families lived, and professional classes of lawyers, doctors and others worked in it.

International Ethical Journalism Network President Aiden White said that Israel's targeting of international press offices in Gaza amounts to a war crime that deserves accountability.


On the other hand, the Israeli army said that in the Al-Galaa building, there were civilian media offices that "were covering up from behind Hamas and using them as human shields."


The army added that "its combat aircraft bombed the several-storey building, which contains military assets belonging to the intelligence offices of the Hamas terrorist organization," as he described it. The Associated Press CEO Gary Pruitt described the strike as an "incredibly disturbing development," and said that 12 journalists and agency contractors were in the building and evacuated in time.


He added - in a statement - "We were shocked and panicked when we learned that the Israeli army would target and destroy the building that houses the Associated Press office and the offices of other media organizations in Gaza .. The world will not know much about what is happening in Gaza because of what happened today."

Netanyahu said - in a televised speech on Saturday evening - that "the campaign will continue as long as it is required", and claimed that "Hamas military intelligence was working inside the building."

Israel routinely cites Hamas' presence as a justification for targeting specific locations in airstrikes, including residential buildings. The army also accused Hamas of using journalists as human shields, but did not provide evidence to support these allegations, according to the Associated Press.

According to the statement - issued by the Associated Press - the US agency "worked in the building for 15 years, including during 3 previous wars between Israel and Hamas, without directly targeting it during those conflicts in addition to the current conflict. The news agency's cameras came from its office on the top floor." And the roof was covered with live footage 24 hours a day, as the militants' rockets were heading towards Israel and the Israeli air strikes hit the city and its surroundings. In the words of the agency.

"We have no indication that Hamas was in the building or active in it," Pruitt - the president and CEO of the US agency - said. "This is something that we actively verify with the best of our ability ... We will not intentionally put our journalists at risk."

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