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Who is the zioniost British Home Secretary Priti Patel?


A friend of Israel and a fanatic with the refugees. Get to know the British Home Secretary Priti Patel, who classified Hamas as a terrorist

LONDON - Haunted by the model of Margaret Thatcher, British Home Secretary Priti Patel is pushing hard to enact many controversial decisions that affect not only her country's policy internally but even abroad, the latest of which was the decision to classify the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) as a terrorist organization.


Those who follow the path of Priti Patel, who was born in the capital, London, to immigrant parents, will discover how she is trying to market herself as a strong lady, or "iron woman", the title monopolized by the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.


To achieve this ambition, Patel does not hesitate to enact measures that she believes will give her internal popularity among the right-wing and the classes that refuse to receive immigrants and refugees, especially since she was one of the staunch defenders of Britain’s exit from the European Union, as well as her constant endeavor to link the best relations with the Israeli lobby, which assigned her her ministerial position. year 2017.


Resignation because of Israel

The current British Home Secretary previously held the position of Deputy Chairman of the “Friends of Israel” group in the Conservative Party, which made her establish strong relations with Tel Aviv and politicians there, and this relationship continued even after Patel became Minister of International Cooperation in the government of Theresa May in 2017.


That year, the British "BBC" network published an exclusive story about Patel holding meetings with institutions and personalities in Tel Aviv without the knowledge of the British Foreign Office, accompanied by Lord Stuart Pollack, who is considered the honorary president of the "Friends of Israel" group in the Conservative Party.


It appeared that Patel held dozens of meetings during her personal visit to Israel, without the knowledge of the British government. Some of these meetings were coordinated with the Israeli Embassy in London, while the British Embassy in Israel was not aware of all these moves.


To raise the voices calling for Patel's resignation because she violated the ministerial laws and regulations that prevent any minister from holding meetings in his official capacity without the knowledge of the government.


Although Patel went out to defend herself and said that she was on a personal trip that was responsible for her expenses, the information that was revealed after that was embarrassing to her, as it turned out that she had previously met Israeli official figures in London and New York without telling the Prime Minister anything about these meetings Among these figures, Asmaa is known to be working within the Israeli lobby.


On November 8, 2017, after meeting the Prime Minister, Patel announced her resignation and formally apologized for her behaviour.


Tough on refugees

As for Priti Patel's tenure at the head of the Ministry of Interior, it is marked by many strict laws in dealing with refugees, which the minister defends with her desire to eliminate human trafficking networks, and not to endanger the lives of refugees, she said.


However, the past months were full of many events that called for the intervention of the British High Court to remedy the asylum seekers against the decisions of the Ministry of the Interior, when the latter decided to place them in former army camps, and it appeared that these camps did not meet the humane conditions for living.


The Minister spares no effort to approve a plan to place refugees on distant islands, pending the decision on their asylum applications. This plan provides for the rental of refugee reception centers on islands belonging to the British Crown as well as in African countries until asylum applications are examined, similar to the Australian system in dealing with refugees. Asylum seekers.


The minister is trying to block the door for everyone who enters the country illegally, according to her description, because every asylum seeker who reaches Britain through the sea channel from Europe, his application will be rejected because he entered that way, but so far not all of these plans that need Parliament approval have been implemented. .


Battle of Black Peoples

When the protests of the "Black Lives Matter" movement swept all British cities, Home Secretary Priti Patel urged protesters not to participate in these demonstrations under the pretext of the spread of the Corona virus, and described the demonstrators dropping a number of statues of figures representing the era of slavery as "shameful", expressing in At the same time, she did not agree to the kneeling motion that the movement was famous for.


The Minister also entered into a confrontation with the English national team players, and refused to kneel them on the knee before the start of each match, considering that this “politicizes” football, and despite that, the players continued to do the same movement, and even found herself in front of a storm of criticism and was accused of igniting the flames of racism. Against black players in Britain.


Bullying of employees

The Minister entered into a bone-breaking battle with Sir Philip Rotnam, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of the Interior, as the latter accused the Minister of inciting him and orchestrating a "vicious" campaign against him, before he submitted his resignation and decided to sue the government because of the restrictions he had been subjected to.


The case did not stop there, but an investigation by the Office of the Prime Minister proved that Priti Patel had actually violated the ministerial law in the institutions in which she worked, and “did not apply government standards in dealing with employees in a respectful manner,” based on complaints of bullying and spreading an atmosphere of fear, submitted by them A number of employees who worked with her, despite that, Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended her, and she did not submit her resignation and only offered her an apology.

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